Covid/lockdown update

It will not come as a surprise to find out that we will now not be able to meet back up due to the lockdown restrictions that come into force on Thursday this week (November 5th).  

We will monitor the situation and remain positive.  Ceri & Beth are hoping there might be an opportunity to offer a pre-Christmas playthrough session at some point.  Obviously we won’t know if this is feasible until the beginning of December, but we’re hopeful that as we’re supposed to come out of lockdown at the beginning of December it may be possible for us to come together mid-December, potentially on Friday the 4th or 11th just for a festive Christmas playthrough.

Just to let you know as well that we will release our newsletter once we all get back to playing.

Everyone’s health is paramount in our minds so until we meet back up please take care of yourselves.

— FMCA Committee