Code of Conduct

We are a charity of music lovers run by volunteers.

We are all here to enjoy music-making through playing, learning & working together.

To help our organisation run smoothly we thank you for showing:

Respect for the music group leaders – by listening & not talking when instructions are being given out – by looking after your music – by clearing away at the end of sessions;

Respect for each other – by supporting the people you play with – by being polite and helping everyone at FMCA – by allowing the music sessions to run smoothly – by not distracting others;

Kindness & consideration – by helping out – by thinking of other people at FMCA – by taking care with other people’s instruments and belongings – by not having mobile phones out and on during sessions;

Responsibility – by being responsible for your own safety – by looking out for the safety of others – by following this code when representing FMCA at outside events.

As the building is used by other community groups, all members of FMCA should use the left entrance to the building, the toilets near this entrance, and only use Rooms 2, 5 and the Hall.

Adults must use the toilets through the double doors, children must use the toilets to the left of the main entrance.

Please treat March Community Centre and other users with respect.

If under 16, please do not go outside the building to the car park without adult supervision.

Please do not take your music home without asking the directors in case you are absent the following week.