Health and Safety Policy

Fenland Music Centre association (FMCA) has a duty of care to take reasonable steps to prevent harm coming to anyone involved in Fenland Music Centre and all those attending the premises that it uses. This policy clarifies who is responsible for health and safety matters and what those responsibilities are, and represents the health and safety protocol agreed by the Trustees. This policy is available on the FMCA website and will be drawn to the attention of all Trustees, who are expected to read and familiarise themselves with it.

Who is Responsible for Health and Safety?

Achieving a healthy and safe environment is a collective task shared by Trustees and FMCA members. Copies of this policy will be available on the FMCA website and will be drawn to the attention of all FMCA members and Trustees.

Risk Assessments

FMCA has a nominated Health and Safety Officer who is responsible for risk assessments of our regular music venues, and any external activities and events that FMCA members are involved in. Risk assessments identify potential hazards and allows FMCA to take the necessary steps to protect FMCA members, visitors and attendees at musical events.

Trustee Responsibilities

The Trustees are responsible for:

  • Taking reasonable steps to safeguard the health and safety of FMCA members and all people participating in its activities or visiting the premises that it uses;
  • Identifying health and safety risks and finding ways to manage or overcome them;
  • Providing safe and healthy locations and safe entry and exit arrangements, including during an emergency situation;
  • Providing and maintaining safe learning locations, equipment and systems;
  • Providing safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of equipment;
  • Providing adequate information to enable Music Group Leaders to manage and teach safely and for FMCA members to avoid hazards and to contribute to their own health and safety;
  • Promoting effective communication and consultation between Trustees and Music Group Leaders concerning health and safety matters;
  • Regularly monitoring and reviewing the management of health and safety, making any necessary changes and bringing those to the attention of all at FMCA.

Implementing Health and Safety

The FMCA event organiser is responsible for managing FMCA members and attendees to ensure they are not exposed to risk at each of the different phases of the event, from set-up to striking at the end of an event. Health and safety at smaller events in designated venues can often be addressed very quickly working with the venue management, who may have their own plans. FMCA members and attendees will be given information on site hazards, speed limits and parking, first aid, toilets, and emergency arrangements. We will also provide relevant health and safety information to the public in the form of signage and/or a pre-event announcement as necessary. A nominated FMCA member will monitor risks throughout an event on a checklist.

Assessment of FMCA activities and venues

The following points will be assessed by the FMCA Health and Safety Officer:

  • Capacity – Can the attendees be safely accommodated in the venue? Will they be standing or seated? Is there room to circulate? Are there pinch points where overcrowding could occur?
  • Access – Is there sufficient access to the event site/venue for pedestrians and vehicles? Are people with disabilities, wheelchairs or pushchairs able to access the venue? Are there enough emergency exits?
  • Hazards – Does the site have any existing hazards, such as overhead electric powerlines or buried services that affects the event? Consider ground conditions, weather and topography if positioning any temporary structures.
  • Facilities – Toilet & washroom provision, kitchen provision, how far away are the nearest hospital and fire station?

Contact Details

Any concerns about health and safety matters should be brought to the attention of the Chair of FMCA immediately.

Any questions relating to the contents of this policy should be sent to the Secretary or Chair of FMCA – email: