Complaints Policy & Procedure


This document sets out the Fenland Music Centre Association (FMCA) Complaints Policy and Procedures for FMCA members and members of the public involved in our musical events who wish to raise a formal complaint. Copies of this policy will be available on FMCA website and will be drawn to the attention of all FMCA members, Trustees and Musical Directors. If you would like to provide any feedback please find our contact details at the end of this document.


Sometimes a complainant will wish to remain anonymous. It is always preferable to reveal your identity and contact details to us, but if you are concerned about possible adverse consequences please inform us that you do not wish for your identity to be known. We will always investigate any complaint before speaking with those to whom the complaint relates.

Complaints Procedure

In the first instance, please try to sort out any problem by speaking to the relevant person at the earliest opportunity. They can usually respond straight away or can refer you to someone who can help.

If you are unhappy with an individual in FMCA then it is best to speak to them directly initially. If you feel this is difficult, then please speak to the Chair of FMCA, who will try and resolve the problem.

If you are not happy with FMCA’s response to your issue, then you can make a written complaint and raise the matter with the FMCA Trustees. Please place your written complaint in a sealed envelope marked ‘FMCA Trustees’ and give it to the FMCA secretary, who will pass it on to the Trustees.

If you complain in writing to the Trustees, please give the following details:

  • Your full name and contact details (including e-mail address, and daytime telephone number);
  • A full description of your complaint (including the subject matter and dates and times if known);
  • Names of any people you have dealt with so far;
  • Copies of any papers or letters relating to the complaint.

All written complaints will be logged. FMCA will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five working days and let you know who is investigating it.

We aim to investigate the complaint properly within 10 working days but may extend this if your complaint is complicated. We may contact you to find out more information and we might recommend a meeting. At the end of any investigation the Trustees will write to you to inform you of their decision, which is final.

If any part of your complaint is upheld, FMCA will make a written apology and agree to any further action to make good the cause of the complaint. This might mean that FMCA will:

  • Issue sanctions and/or action plans to identify areas for FMCA improvement;
  • Identify any other FMCA member who has been affected by the problem;
  • Correct, or where it cannot be corrected, mitigate as far as possible the effect of the problem;
  • Ensure that the problem does not happen again.

Contact Details

Any questions relating to the contents of this policy should be sent to the Secretary or Chair of FMCA – email:

Finally, please also let us know if you are happy with FMCA and you think we are doing things well.