Swing Band



The Fenland Youth Swing Band


Community Centre, Station Road in March.

 The Fenland Youth Swing Band was established in October 2013
and comprises of some of the best young woodwind
and brass players in Fenland. There are currently approximately
25 members
from March, Chatteris, Wisbech, Whittlesey,
Ramsey and and Bar Hill.

The Swing Band consist of five saxophones (two altos,
two tenors,and one baritone), four trumpets, four trombones
(often including one bass trombone) a four-piece rhythm section
(composed of drums, electric or acoustic bass, piano and guitar),
clarinets and a singer.

This year the Swing Band will be led by Ceri Griffin our Musical Director   She will be  supported by Alan Norris and local musicians, Sarah Garford and Kevin Steward.

The age range for this group is up to 25 years old.
The necessary standard of playing is grade 4+.
If you are interested in playing with this group, it is by invitation only.   Please email:


please call 07802 471898 for more information

Term Dates


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